The Annual Rocktober.Com Holiday Message
(like The King's annual holiday greeting, with a funky back beat and a crazy guitar solo from Buckethead)

Happy Rocktober 2023!!!

I would just like to take a quick moment here to wish everyone a very happy Rocktober.

Yes, kids, it is that time of year again-- the time of year when the leaves turn hues of yellow and brown, when Mother Earth blesses us with her sweet harvest and children of all ages from around the world don KISS face-paint while moms, dads, same sex life partners, baby daddies and stoner cousins teach them HOW TO ROCK!!!!!

Rocktober has no figureheads. Nary a Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Turkey Made From A Tracing Of Your Hand, St. Patrick or Great Pumpkin to be found. Why is this? Because Rocktober comes from you. It is about you not being a square from Delaware, wearing clean underwear and throwing your hands in the air as if you had not a care in the world. It is about being caught up in a mosh. It is about passing the dutchie-- on the left hand or right hand side, it doesn't really matter. It's about getting the band back together for just one more show. It's about practicing your scratching technique for hours on end and then making it look simple during a show.

Rocktober is about Mandatory Metallica Monday, Two For Tuesday, No-Repeat Wednesday, All Request Thursday and The Friday Top Five At Five. It is the All 80's Request Lunch Hour, the All Old School Weekend and the Top 1000 Oldies Memorial Day Weekend Countdown. Rocktober is about watching "This Is Spinal Tap" for the millionth time and still laughing. It is about latching on to a band early in their career and then complaining about the new fans who come along once they sell out to The Man.

Speaking of The Man-- Rocktober is about sticking it to The Man while sucking up to his corporate teats.

No disrespect to you rockers in Colorado, but what Rocktober certainly *isn't* about is an expansion baseball team pinning its hopes on securing a wild card spot in the play-offs.

God gave rock n' roll to you.
Keep on rockin' in the free world.
Here I am, rock you like a hurricane.
We will rock you.
Rock n' Roll is alive (and it lives in Minneapolis)
You can't stop the rock.
Happy Rocktober, Everyone! \m/ \m/

In order to keep you rockin' throughout the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, I've taken to DJ-ing sets on Twitch in order to keep you home, sane, and well entertained until the day we can all get back in the mosh pit together. Please join the ol' Facebook group for all the latest updates (set themes & times), but in general you can find me at at these times:


If you wanna rock out with me, I'm djundeadsinatra on Twitch, and undeadsinatra on Twitter, Instagram, and gmail.